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“Sacrificare” is the long time sold out bestseller album by VON THRONSTAHL. This masterpiece is now available again limited quantity! Von Thronstahl delivers real traditional Neofolk, alternating between intense and powerful, to romantic and orchestral tunes, but always very melodic. This could be considered the most commercial Von Thronstahl release to date, and with the superb song-writing of Josef K, sets a new benchmark for the Neofolk genre.
This re-release comes in a stunning digipak with new artwork and includes the original booklet from the first press from cold spring records. The album contains a total of 14 tracks, with over 70 minutes of music.
01. The Age Of Decay And Democracy
02. Molti Piu Onore
03. Gloomy White Sunday
04. Occidental Identity
05. Ganz In Weiss Und Ganz In Eisen
06. Dressed In Black Uniforms
07. Mother Of Mercy (Version)
08. Demnezev Exista / God Exists
09. Sacrificare
10. Palästina (Hep Version)
11. Undefinierbare Sehnsucht
12. Berg-Einsamkeit
13. The Four Horsemen Of The Apokalypse
14. Gloomy White Sunday (Version)

Ref: Fasci-Nation Recordings ‎– 005