Trepaneringsritualen /Body Cargo ‎– Split LP

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This product is a common work of Swedish and Lithuanian industrial music scene. Two well-known artists of industrial / ambient scene decided to collaborated and recorded into this vinyl three pieces each. On the A side one can find Sweden’s TREPANERINGSRITUALEN which composed impressive dark ambient / death industrial tracks. "Culled from the same sessions as Åkallan Mímir, Trepaneringsritualen’s side of this split features a prolonged death chant in three movements. Sombre, slow-moving and ritulistic in approach, this working fits in stylistically somewhere between the previously mentioned Åkallan: Mímir and Deathward, To The Womb. ”They are different from some other releases from this project’s mastermind Thomas, as here you won’t find any metal rock touch. On the B side – Lithuanian post-mortem act BODY CARGO, which, as it is usual to this project, plays dirty and brutal lo-fi about cannibal cults of Papua New Guinea.

side a: trepaneringsritualen

1. unclæna ghast
2. gravfärd
3. death worship

side b: body cargo

1. your god is not watching
2. e.s.d. [evil spirit disease]

Album lasts for 40 min. Heavy, transparent vinyl. Lim. E 300.

Ref: avi 067, Autarkeia