Survival Unit - Tied Down For Survival - CD

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At the times of global crisis, the zombies of cultural terrorism strike again with the fire of new toxic power. Tied Down For Survival is a old/new blow from the Scandinavian cult project Survival Unit to the rotten cancer of Western civilisation and the second collection of rarities in the golden collection of cultural terrorism series. This is an exceptionally suggestive, psychedelic power electronics with deeply terrorising implications. Here you will listen to unreleased live records, passages from limited edition utan fana and the controversial conspiracy theory of Rolf-Peter Andersson, where Swedish monarch family, Indira Gandhi and Mikhail Gorbachev practice cannibalism.

Album's tracks listing:

1. tied down for survival

2. the hidden agenda according to rolf-peter andersson

3. disintegrating bones to dust

4. seeking revenge

5. nowhere left to hide

6. lead song

7. live in westra aros 2002 [fentanyl mot kulturen]

8. barbed wire & barbituates

9. no gold, only stones

10. out of the tunnel

11. jawla fabrik

12. pigcunt torture assault [bonus]

REF: acd038, Autarkeia.