Slogun - Visit Revisit - 2CD

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John Balistreri and his project Slogun are perfectly known to those interested in industrial subculture. This is the most famous American power electronics project, fully embedding the tendency of American brutal sound and ideology. Aesthetics of serial killers, mass murders, and crimes have been used to finely illustrate uncompromising tracks full of hatred against society, the sound of which had provoked the terrible thoughts of mass destruction. Previous tracks of Slogun used to carry the extraordinary straightness which is specific to almost all American artists of PE.
However, his last two albums dramatically diverge from previous Slogun releases. The project's sound and ideology were visibly transformed by Balistreri, and they became closer to the European conception of the "PE sound". The straight, uncompromising brutality of Slogun trespassed into a gloomy atmospheric landscape, and the ideology of their last words clearly reveals the cause, this metamorphosis of a lonely, hopeless, trapped human being to uncompromising collector of human lives. These are authentic thoughts and memories concentrated to the cause of trauma rather than to brutal crimes. The last albums of Slogun may be seen as the deep-dark confessions of a person whispering to us his reasons of fatal breakdown, ending up in human hunting. The monumental Slogun Visit Revisit box will unlock to the audience both the primal and newly transformed sound of Slogun. The first CD, the album Visit, is absolutely fresh and contains never-before published pieces delivering the converted, atmospheric side of Slogun. The second disc, Revisit, compiles rare tracks previously published in limited editions for collectors, and represents the initial straight brutality the project is known for. 20 page booklet.

Album's "Visit" tracks:

1. faded, almost forgoten
2. all left behind
3. 1000 lives chewed up
4. bound to the past
5. once everything
6. just as dead in life
7. forced regret
8. lost with everything else
9. kept faces avoided
10. abandoned, discarded
11. chapters on top of chapters
12. at the expense of them

Album's "Revisit" tracks:
1. bury yourself
2. gutter lane
3. close by
4 wasted
5. wanted
6. missed
7. random
8. pocket

The box contains of 2 golden metalisation discs on digipack, 2 special protectors including box itself for discs and digi and 20 pages booklet. Lim. E 300.

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