Megaptera ‎– Staring Back At You - CD

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Staring Back At You concentrates on demo versions, outtakes, and rare songs from various arenas, including the compilations Zyklon B, Beating the Meat, Slaughter Age ’95, The Book ov Shadowz, Death OdorsII, as well as material from the Deep Inside mLP, and more. These tracks capture Megaptera at their grittiest, creepiest, and most horrifying...a grinding,lurching monstrosity fueled by the madness, violence, lies, wars, and diseasethat plague the world. Lmtd to 800 copies, and coming in a 6 panel digipakdesigned by Mårten Kellerman, this has been re-mastered by Magnus Sundstrom,with additional boosting courtesy of Thomas Garrison. Staring Back At You is the final nail in the coffin for Megaptera, and may they rest in peace, but continue to deliver nightmares, maddening thoughts, and the darkest ofobsessions.Track listing: More Disturbance (demo version), The Passage (demo version), Disoriented (Totally Different demo version), Lurking Fear (Pre-damaged demoversion), Frozen Corpse, The Final Day (excerpt), Morior, Mass Murder,Antropofagi, Deep Inside.

"Again, a great starting point of any Megaptera curious, or a must have for Megaptera fans. Megaptera are the dead kings, and their rest is obviously a tortured one. Now I'm waiting for the day they will rise again but until then, this will suffice." Blood Ties