IRM - Oedipus Dethroned / An Act Of Self Mutilation Is An Act... - 2CD

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This release calls for a very laconic word, actually, it speaks for itself. One sentence say it all: IRM Oedipus Dethroned / An Act of Self Mutilation Is an Act of Freedom box containing two golden discs is the pearl of the global post industrial; re-released after being fully sold-out, basking in glory, enjoying the same relevance after so many years and still vehemently desired and sought-after. After the first edition of the cult album Oedipus Dethroned, the audience of heavy music realised that Sweden had once again defended its heavyweight champion's name on the industrial scene. Disturbingly massive, crushing and oppressive Erik Jarl’s analogous loops and rhythms combined with uncompromising vocals and poetry of Martin Bladh create shockingly ruthless and naked idea of deliverance through unbearable suffering. The tortured body in all its most hideous conditions turns into an instrument for revealing the true nature of being and surpassing its limitations. In destruction and devastation it opens the true road to the genuine unconditional beauty in its decay. Very elegant, valuable package and a new booklet with Martin Bladh's collages raise the release to the new aesthetic heights in the pantheon of gods of industrial culture.

Album's "Oedipus Dethroned" tracks:

1. the celebration of the untouched skin
2. oedipus dethroned
3. the disease
4. the stage-surgeon
5. inside the skull of a mannequin
6. the wound
7. the stage
8. the crucifixion [the final stage]

Album's "An Act Of Self Mutilation Is An Act Of Freedom" tracks:
1. introduction
2. the disease
3. untouched skin
4. crucifixion
5. the stage surgeon
6. aktion: nrk

The box contains of 2 golden metalisation discs on digipack, 2 special protectors including box itself for discs and digi and 20 pages booklet. Lim. E 300.

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