Horologium - Tellurian Anthems - LP

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Poland´Horologium need hardly any introduction. Over the years they managed to
create their own musical language and win many hearts in the post-industrial milieu.
Two years after their critically acclaimed “Earthbound” CD (Old Europa Cafe, 2008) they are back
with even more solemn and powerful release. Martial trumpets, orchestral fury and tribal
percussion have been skillfully combined with delicate neoclassical fragments, dreamy ambient parts and female recitation.

Everything intertwined to create once again the band’s one-of-a-kind sonic maelstrom. Sea waves singing along gentle piano tune, radio broadcast fighting against air raid siren, fire meeting water meeting fire meeting... Well, you damn well know what to expect, don’t you?
These earthbound songs come exclusively as a 12” LP in gatefold edition, limited to 333 copies on black vinyl with an elegant A2 poster.
The artwork has been designed by Łukasz Pawlak of Requiem Records.

Ref: LER004/2010