:Golgatha: ‎– Kydos. Reflections On Heroism CD

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Great epic bombast soundtrack featuring some folk songs by this a fascinating German band who managed to have 2 contributions by Patrick Leagas of SIXTH COMM (ex-
One of them sounds like if it came from the ‘Nada’ album session !
There is also a superb “Heroes Days” cover from the early SOL INVICTUS incarnation ...
KudoV (kydos) means wonder, in the sense of awe; the heroic attraction resulting from cruelty in Homers epic ‘Ilias’ and ‘Odyssee’.
The later englisch ‘kudos’ means fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement; thus by logical extension is often used as a praising remark.
Comes as a nice ltd edition 6 pages digipak.