Der Blaue Reiter - Dies de Cendra - 7"

Image of Der Blaue Reiter - Dies de Cendra - 7"

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"DIES DE CENDRA" is coming summoning the past of the history of mankind, to explore a new musical chapter inspired in the cruel bombings of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.
A sensitive mixture of martial ambiences, romantic passages and obscure apocalyptic textures.

* Coloured Edition - 7" in a alternative artwork presented in a unique 6 Panel Cardboard with printed innersleeve + postcards. Black/Red Marble Vinyl, limited 150 copies. Include a Digital Download code.

** Standard Edition - 7" comes in a standard cover on Black vinyl

A: Capitol Primer
B:Capitol Segon

Date Release 15/10/2015

REF: LER010/2015, La Esencia