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Limited to 1000 copies, ‘Astral Walk’ is the first record entirely of their own creation for artists Massimo & Pierce and also the first release for record label Final Muzik. Under the name of Black Sun Productions, they have followed the idea of Wagner’s ‘Total work of art’ concept in a completely different way he dreamt music and show would be. Theatre, dance, recreation, pornography, visuals, music, eroticism, provocation... All these ingredients are mingled in a world where the main references sway from Coil to Soft Cell passing by Lydia Lunch and HR Giger. I am sure the entire show must be quite difficult to grasp and understand in its totality. However, when reviewing a record of Black Sun Productions, one must never forget it is only a piece of the large puzzle these Swiss polifacetic artists can achieve.

Being, as it is supposed to be, a soundtrack, there is a clear leit motiv to the entire record. Liquid, spacial sounds immersed in dense atmospheres, surrounded by electronic bases, frequencies and loops; it is difficult sometimes to distinguish the actual cuts in the record. The sound flows from one range into another, creating a successive construction of notes. The velocity is materialised in a sort of animalism and savageness, while the layers express a dense darkness. Post industrial machine sounds and a clear homage to Coil’s spirit are the primary base where Black Sun Productions build their sound. On occasions the material moves forward into noise and experimentalism, but mainly revolves around organic looping and repetition.

‘Forte’ and ‘Forte con brío’ could become interesting material for any industrial sound lover – not the broken beats of Ad Noiseam area, but the heavy bases, martial spirit, atmospheres and repetition. The version of Sof Cell’s‘Meet Murder My Angel’ is a brilliant approach to the song. It maintains the tempo and most of the underlining sounds of the previous songs, but the haunting, soft and slithery vocals make the composition extremely dark and bleeding. They also break the continuity of the base, with a sudden dark techno sound explosion.