Bisclaveret ‎– Amalgame - CD

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New Bisclaveret album contains 9 reworks prepared by bands from independent scene. Projects who undertook the task of remixeslaveret music are Moan, Endraum, Sleeping Pictures, Horologium, synta[XE]rror, Ghosts of Breslau, God’s Bow.

Loverdozed and Hoarfrost. Each of them reinterpreted Bisclaveret songs in their vein adding surprising elements, thus creating and exploding stylistic mix: from minimal sounds based on vocals and subtle melodies through elements of goth ending with electro-industrial versions. ‘Amalgame’ presents a new face of this Polish band.

The disc contains a special bonus, ‘Insane in God’ video.

The concept of this album was conceived by Michał Porwet alongside Bisclaveret members.The layout (in the form of 3-panel digipak) was designed by Rafał Szczawiński, the author of excellent ‘Psyche noMine’ cover.