Atum - Legendy Miejskie - CD

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is an extraordinary album, composed mostly of field recordings registered in Jaworzno, the home town of ATUM. It is an attempt at reconstructing the surroundings in order to distill something that eludes the every-day experience. Despite its private character, the message of the Legends is universal as well.

Everyone of us passes dozens of places we think are "tamed", places seemingly devoid of meaning. Just a little effort is what it takes to dispel this illusion.

Musically, the album is rather varied. It's a combination of field recordings, drones, whispers, and sounds of different acoustic instruments. The purpose is to reveal the oneiric dark side of the surrounding world. Guests such as Infamis (acoustic guitar), Tomasz K, Rafał Pach, and Piotr U (the author's friends from Jaworzno) contributed to the making of the album.

Album released in colour digipack, full professional production.

Ref: BOP 6.7. Beast Of Prey