Ataraxia - Oil On Canvas Vol. 2 - CD

Image of Ataraxia - Oil On Canvas Vol. 2 - CD

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In beautiful glossy digipak, limited to 500 copies, 5 bonus-tracks and with slightly different vari- ations of the original lay-out, based on beautiful picturs by Mick ‘Goth Pope’ Mercer…

Second edition with 5 unreleased tracks. The compilation includes a cover version for piano of ‘Lucretia’, that will be included in the re-release of ‘Il Fantasma dell'Opera’ in the near future. Ataraxia also decided to include a completely exclusive new song called SUBLIMATIO and afew of the tracks already compiled on the original Oil on Canvas + several new songs never compiled before especially belonging to the last productions of the band (Kremasta Nera, Llyr, Spasms, Wind at Mount Elo). The result is a kind of progression of the original CD, that was released [and old out fast] by Ultra-Mail HongKong in 2008 in a sumptous Book+CD edition.

Ref: TW 1.136, Twilight Records