All My Faith Lost - Decade - CD

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Decade” is the NEW CD by well-know ethereal/romantic darkwave act All My Faith Lost.

Available in digi-slim sleeve, including all new / unreleased tracks + a new, brilliant version of “Land's End” (originally available on Final Muzik's “Tal Mont De Lune” CD compilation). “Decade” has been released to celebrate the first 10 years of All My Faith Lost, featuring (as a big “thank you!”) some guests and friends who have supported and helped the band during these years.

The mini-album has been officially licensed from Cold Meat Industry, and it has been remastered by Mr. Peter Andersson (Raison D'Etre). A little masterpiece of melancholy and romantic poetry, highly recommended to all fans of this amazing band!

Ref: FM17. FinalMuzik