Albireon - L'Inverno e l'Aquilone - CD

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Two years and a half after the very successful "Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli", Albireon are back with a new work which could easily become the highlight of their discography.

Featuring emotional and melancholic neo folk ballads graced by a neo classic strings and subconscious ambient soundscapes, Albireon crafts a portrait of childhood memories, dreams and hopes, focusing this time on children's special sensitivity and children's unbearable pain in a world not protecting or caring for them as they deserve.

Songs as "Gli Aironi", "Beslan 2004" "Kezia" or "Imbrunire", sang by italian darkwave legend Gianni Pedretti of Colloquio will set a new standard in heartfelt Neo Folk music.

Ref: PO31W-2